Pea Brodhurst Artist & Writer


Do goats Go to Heaven?

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Within the vocabulary of publishing it is said that this book cannot be categorised. It could, however, be classed as a mini 'self help' manual for those who find themselves falling hopelessly in love with a goat.


Whatever else it may be, it is a book about a goat and a grannie; both are steadfastly stubborn by nature, their symbiotic bond of devotion and mutual understanding continue to arouse suspicion, amusement, surprise, disbelief, and undisguised exasperation. The pair has compiled the content together, hand in hoof and step by step, in an attempt to record the highlights and the pitfalls of their somewhat unconventional relationship.


Both the goat and the grannie acknowledge the fact that a professional in the world of psychiatry might advise a course of counselling for both parties in order to address certain identity issues.